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When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped within 3 business days.

When will we receive the product I ordered? 

Bank approval can be obtained instantly for your orders that you will place with a credit card, and your order can be taken to the preparation stage immediately. If there is a problem during the supply of the products in your order, all information about the product is sent to your e-mail address registered in our system by our store officials. The products you buy are delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to you as soon as possible. After receiving the packages, the cargo companies deliver the packages to your address in the regions where delivery to the address is made, and to the relevant cargo branch in the regions where delivery to the address cannot be made, as soon as possible according to the region you are in.

With which shipping company will my order be sent?

Our company has an agreement with Ptt Cargo company.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?

When your orders that you have placed on our site are delivered to the cargo, the cargo shipment information about your order is automatically sent to your e-mail address registered in our system. In addition, when you log in to our site, you can instantly view your orders and the status of your order from the My Account section.

Will I pay any fees when I receive my order?

There is absolutely no extra charge at the time of delivery. Please contact us if the cargo officer asks for any fee from you.

My order is defective or wrong, what should I do?

When your order is delivered to you by the courier, you must check the outer package for damage before receiving it and have a 'Damage Determination Report' prepared in case of any damage. Another issue that you should pay attention to regarding the damage assessment report is the statements made by the cargo officers in the report. For example, `There is no damage to the parcel. The product is damaged. Since a report such as `` will be interpreted as the product was not damaged during transportation, it creates a problem during the exchange. For your damaged product, please warn the officer in order to keep a report with full and correct words. (For example: When the product arrived, it was checked and it was found to be damaged.) In case of damage you notice after receiving your order, you should immediately inform your cargo branch and request assistance in preparing the damage report. As a result of having the cargo officer prepare the report and deliver the product to us, your exchange transactions will be completed quickly and you will be informed.

IMPORTANT: You must send your damaged product to us with the cargo company that delivered it to you.

My bill was not delivered with my order. What should I do?

As a taxpayer registered with the E-Invoice and E-Archive application as of January 1, 2016, in accordance with the relevant laws, our company creates all its invoices electronically and does not issue printed invoices. The link where you can access the invoices created electronically is sent to your registered e-mail address. In case you cannot reach your invoice for any reason, you can request your invoice image by contacting customer service. As e-invoice payers, our customers who submit their e-invoice request at the stage of order creation are required to follow up their invoices from their own E-Invoice systems. All orders delivered by courier are delivered to the courier company by waybill.

The product I received is not the product I ordered. (The number, color or product code is different)

You can send the wrong product, along with the return form and invoice, to our return address via PTT Cargo. Refund will be made when the product reaches us.

The product I received is defective, what should I do?

You can send the defective product, together with the return/exchange form and invoice, to our return address via PTT Cargo. Necessary action will be taken when the product reaches us.

I have not received all the products in my order?

The number of products must be the same as the number of products specified in the invoice you receive. If the products specified in the invoice are not included in the package, ask the cargo officer to keep a report and contact us.

What if no one can be found at the address at the time of delivery?

If the cargo officer cannot find anyone at the address, he leaves a "Cargo Notification Note" and returns the cargo to the branch. In this case, the cargo must be received from the branch within 3 days by the buyer. Due to the cargo cannot be found at the address, the products returned to the branch cannot be redistributed. Products returned to our company due to buyer-related situations are returned and the remaining amount is returned to our customer after deducting all shipping costs.

Can I change the recipient name or address after placing an order?

When creating your order, you can also specify the name of the person who will receive it. Address or recipient changes cannot be made after the order is placed. The cargo officer who will come to your address will make the delivery to the name you have given by checking the identity.

Cargo Delivery Queue What Should Be Considered?

When you receive the products in your order from our site, you can open the cargo package and check it after you sign the delivery receipt, while the cargo officer is with you. If there is any mistake or deficiency in the package content, you can prepare a cargo report and send it back to us or give information. In such cases, if you have any problems with the cargo officer, please inform us immediately. The necessary intervention will be made by us as soon as possible and your problem will be resolved.

You can order from anywhere in Turkey. We do not have any location restrictions in Turkey. The deliveries of the products can only be made in the regions where the cargo company we are working with is located. Since delivery cannot be made in regions where the cargo company we have a contract with does not have a branch, our customers may have to go to the cargo branch where the package can be delivered and receive the package by hand.

Can I order from abroad?

Yes, we can ship all over the world.

How do I return it?

You can return your order within 15 days from the day you receive it. This period can be extended if necessary. The package must be unbroken, unused, undamaged.

Is there a return shipping fee?

Return shipping fee is the responsibility of the buyer.

Note: In cases where the shipping cost is more than the product price, there are no refunds etc. requests are special cases and are decided in consultation with the customer.

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