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Beige Swing

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Beige Swing

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The swing, which is prepared as a double layer with 45× 45 special spruce body with rounded ends, stain-proof and liquid-sliding duck fabric, can carry 50 kg. It provides a deeper seating area with its large mold, and extra support to the floor, back and head area with two larger pillows. Maple teether and 3 different size beads made from maple. Both sides of the swing can be used by changing them during installation. With the fiber protective coating on the front carrier bar, extra protection is provided in case the child throws his head forward. This protection provides extra security since the head is heavier in the proportion of the head and body in infants and the head is likely to move forward during rocking due to the inability to establish a full balance. Together with the swing, 2 steel dowels and 2 screwed carabiners are sent in the set as ceiling connection apparatus. Steel dowels are driven into the slots opened with a drill up to 50 cm from the ceiling and fixed by turning. Locking carabiners are attached to the peg. It can be washed at 30 degrees without wringing and with bleach-free detergent. Cushions and pillows can be ironed from the surface with steam without pressing. 6 mm jute rope is 5 meters long, in 2 pieces, a total of 10 meters. It should not be washed.

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W 45x45cm

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