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MDF Anthracite Basket Crib and Pink Star Sleeping Set

$114.5 $108.8

MDF Anthracite Basket Crib and Pink Star Sleeping Set

SKU: paz580
GTIN: 8695412013407
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MDF Basket Cradle. Crib Color: Anthracite. Lacquer Lacquer Our products are swingable . The distance between the bars is 7 cm. Our products are produced in accordance with EU standards . The materials used are TSE Certified. Package Contents: Crib, mosquito net, side guards, sheet, duvet, pillow and mattress. ( You can machine wash the sleeping set at 30 degrees in delicate, delicate wash mode.)

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Crib Anthracite
Sleeping Set Pink Star
External Dimensions
Width 65 cm
Height 100cm
Height 85cm
Bed Dimensions
Width 46cm
Height 79 cm

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