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Montessori Eco Wooden Activity Table Chair

$30 $24.9

Montessori Eco Wooden Activity Table Chair

SKU: paz105
GTIN: 8695412012932
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Montessori activity table and chair set Tables and chairs are easily assembled without tools or screws, just by twist-and-slide feet. Our products are carefully prepared with 100% hand work. Materials suitable for child health and CE certified varnish are used. It is a long-lasting healthy children's furniture where your child can enjoy all his activities. The product images are prepared by us and there will be no difference between the product that will arrive at your door. Our products are made of poplar plywood, a natural material, and table and chair legs are made of beech wood. Our products are natural wood, so there may be differences in pattern and color tone. Suitable for use between 1 - 5 years old. Product care: You can clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. Package included: 1 table + 2 chairs

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Table 43*55 cm
Height 48cm
Chair 26.5*26.5 cm
Height 30cm

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