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Wooden Organic Basket Crib

$109.9 $104

Wooden Organic Basket Crib

SKU: paz546
GTIN: 8695412013373
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The product can be shaken and has a stopping feature. The product is produced from beech papel and beech timber. The wood used is equivalent in baby products according to European standards. Paint, varnish, varnish etc. b. does not contain any substance. It is produced in E0 norm. And the lead amount is "0". It does not contain heavy metals. It has the feature of swinging and fixing. The product has wheels. The product has TSE certificate. The product has ISO-9001 certificate. The product has CE certificate. You can use the product until your baby is 18 months (1.5 years old). Weight of the Product: It has a weight of 15 Kg. Thanks to its light structure and wheels, it provides easy transportation. Full Set of Wooden Basket Cradle. Luxury mosquito net, side protection (Fiber Filled), pillow, mattress, quilt Installation diagram, warranty certificate, screw set. The installation of the product takes 10-15 minutes with the help of the diagram and the hex key that will come out of the screw set.

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Basket Length 100 cm
Basket Width 60 cm
Height 160cm

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