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Ayda Suit Sax

$26 $21.9

Ayda Suit Sax

SKU: paz996
12 Month İnstallment Option
Stock Status: In Stock
Delivery Status: 1-3 days
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Fabric Info: Tunic and Trousers Soft Velvet Size of the product in the picture: 38 Product Information: Our product is a standard mold. There is an average of "4 cm" difference between sizes. Delivery : Your order will be shipped within 24 hours . Exchanges and returns can be made within 15 days.

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Model Size 38 size
Size Range 38 - 50
Tunic Sizes
Bust 94 cm
Waist 88 cm
Hip 114 cm
Height 88 cm
Trousers Dimensions
Waist 74cm
Hips 110 cm
Height 105 cm

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