Production Cage 45*35*40 Grid Full Set Gold


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Your orders will be prepared and shipped within a maximum of 3 working days. But your orders are usually shipped the next day. If your country is not listed in the address form on the payment page, please contact us before ordering. We usually ship with (TURPEX) PTT. The problems that may occur during the transportation are compensated by us and the customer is not responsible. For more info please visit the 'Delivery and Return' page.
Our product is made of 2 mm wire and it is suitable for use as 2, 3 or 4 overlapping, do not compare with other cheap cages. There are two doors, a large door, a smart manger, and a crystal manger. Next to the product, it is sent in a specially protected box with 2 wooden perches, 2 cage-in-cage feeders, 2 waterers, a smart feeder, a crystal feeder, and a plastic pan grid for cleaning. The color of our cage is bright gold-polished galvanized in brass quality

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Size 45x35x40 cm

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