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Nesting Table And Center Table Kr Set Double Gold White Metal

$35 $30

Nesting Table And Center Table Kr Set Double Gold White Metal

SKU: paz170
GTIN: 8695412012997
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Its edges are covered with 1st class SPECIAL PRODUCTION BLACK-GOLD PVC tape. Center Table and 3 Nesting Nesting Table Total of 4 Pieces Are Provided.. The material used has TSE, European Union EN, ISO 9001 and FSC certificates. Feet are 1st quality metal. Packages include all necessary screws and accessories for easy installation. The assembly of the product is very easy. You can easily install it with simple hand tools. For fast and error-free installation, there is a part compatible with the installation diagram on the part.

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Center Table Features
Height 90cm
Width 50cm
Height 42cm
Nesting Table Features
Diameter 34cm
Large 53cm
Medium 50cm
Small 47cm

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