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Product Information: Although we try to provide information about the products as accurately as possible, there may be errors in the information we receive from suppliers. Do not assume that the products are correct and always read the product description.

Prices: The prices of products and services on Pazar9.com are stated and include taxes. Pazar9.com reserves the right to change prices and shipping charges at any time.

Payment: You can use any of the payment methods offered on Pazar9.com to make your payment. Products will not be shipped until your payment is completed.

Delivery: The delivery time of the products will be within the specified delivery time from the date the order is placed. Pazar9.com reserves the right to extend or change the delivery time.

Cancellation and Return Policy: You can return the products you purchased from Pazar9.com within 15 days from the Delivery Date. The products you wish to return must be unused and in the original packaging. Please refer to the Return Policy for return procedures.

Warranty: The purchased products are covered under the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer.

These Purchase Terms may be changed at any time by Pazar9.com. It is recommended that our users check regularly for changes.

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