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Cat Dog Carrying Bag Food Container And Drinker Blue

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cat dog carrier bag pet carrier container & amp; cat dog bowl & amp; wristband pet drinker with valve Suitable for carrying cats and small breed dogs. It is produced from original copolymer (ppc) plastic raw material. It should not be compared to products printed from second-grade scrap plastic. It is harmless to health. Non-drip pet drinker with valve, wrist strap All you have to do is squeeze the bottle and let the water fill the reservoir. It automatically takes the remaining water back into its reservoir . You can attach it to your backpack, waist belt or wrist, easy to carry. Always fill up with fresh water and carry it with you . Features and benefits= Extra remaining water flows back into the bottle and there is no spillage. Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. Bpa free Washable Suitable for standard car cup holders. There is a 532ml water tank. Non-slip easy to grip. The extraction rod goes down so no water is wasted. It includes an adjustable carrying strap, you can hang it easily on your waist and do your other activities. 1. Quality pet food / water bowl large size 1. Quality made of raw material that is harmless to animal health. The bottom part of our product has a filter to prevent your parquet from being scratched and your cute friend from being harmed. Our product is not plain, it has a patterned and stylish appearance. A hand-holding section is designed on the floor so that you can easily pick up and drop the product.

Product Information

Carrying Bag Dimensions
Height 30cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 50 cm
Food Container Dimensions
Floor 23 cm
Food / water part 19 cm
Depth 7cm

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